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In addition to the rules defined by the CKB protocol, verification based on the Scripts in the input and output Cells of the transaction is also required.

Script: {
code_hash: HexString
args: HexString
hash_type: Uint8, there are 4 allowed values: {0: "data", 1: "type", 2: "data1", 3: "data2"}

Fields & Description

code_hashH256Hash of the ELF formatted RISC-V binary that contains a CKB Script. For more, see code_hash
hash_typeUint8, one of the 4 values: {0: "data", 1: "type", 2: "data1", 3: "data2"}Interpretation of the code hash when looking for matching dep cells. For more, see hash_type
argsH256Arguments as the Script input. For more, see script_args

Script vs. Code

We differentiate the terms Script and Code as follows:

  • Script is a data structure referencing to runnable on-chain code.
  • Code refers to the RISC-V binary, runnable in CKB-VM and can be referenced to by the Script structure.
  • A code Cell is a Cell containing RISC-V binary code.
  • Script does not directly include code; it simply stores a pointer to reference the code.